Okay, Here We Go...


Okay, Here We Go..
Each year I make a point to look back at the year. I want to understand what happened over the course of the year and what it meant to me. I want to revisit the moments I was given and truly prepare to move forward into the next year with nothing but appreciation for where I've come from. In 2012 I edited together a video of footage from the year and titled it "Retrospective" with the thought of looking back with appreciation in mind. At the time, I couldn't really believe the opportunities I was given to create projects for people and clients I truly admired. I wanted nothing more than to show them my gratitude for the amazing year. In 2013 I took a massive leap of faith by leaving my career as a film instructor at a local tech school. I went full-time with my company and ambitiously plunged into the year following the wind and will to whatever interesting opportunities presented themselves. At the end of 2013 I titled the end-of-year reel, "Prospective" with the idea that from here, we as a company are looking forward. We have the dedication and perseverance to take on great things. With what I believed to be the proper amount of fear and risk, I thrashed forward into 2014 with blind hope that everything would connect. I pursued every opportunity that seemed to pair with my vision. I took on additional projects such as a collaborative live performance with many of my talented musician friends showcasing our art from the last 10 years and added a small component within the company to help non-profits tell their stories. I was given several opportunities to travel around the world and engage with new people and cultures. Those international experiences shook my understanding of who I am as a person and how the world around me works. 
It's nearing the end of 2014 and I'm now looking back over the year. I wish I could say I have a clear idea of where this is all going. The year has taken me on a ride that I can't even begin to understand, let alone explain. Over 2014 I feel as though I've been humbled amid the experiences that have been presented to me. To say "thank you" would indicate that I've deserved such opportunities, although, I'm not sure what else to say. I've spun in circles looking at what the year has brought and can't help but wonder what I should have done differently, if anything, to help me know where to go. I'm left with nothing but the realization that I couldn't have functioned on any level without my team. My amazing staff that means more to the companies' success than I ever could. Their friendship and collaboration has been the staple to my ability to survive the endeavors we continue to take on. My wonderful girlfriend has inspired me to continue believing in what I'm doing. As well traveled as she is, she helps me begin to understand a more clear global view. My awe and admiration for her has encouraged me to become a better person each day. After experiencing parts of the world where fighting for your life is daily routine, my love for my family and friends has intensified. My son has never felt so precious to me. My heart aches to think about the hundreds of children I've crossed paths with over this last year that don't have even a portion of the simple, yet comfortable life I'm able to help provide my son. As an entrepreneur, every element of my personal life naturally seeps its way into the decisions I make professionally, steering me toward connecting with things that align with my life's exposition. As 2014 is nearing its end, I feel a little tossed and tumbled. I've spent a lot of time in my head wondering what to do next. What's the next step? After some thought, I've realized, I have no idea. My father once told me when I was about 11, "All you can do, is do what you do, and do it well, but you can't do everything". Looking back over the year with that in mind, I think I've thought of a title for 2014's end-of-year reel. 
Watch for "Receptive" on January 1st, 2015.

--Charley Voorhis