We tell stories.  

Everyone has a story to tell - let us help you discover yours. We will work with you to find the core of what you care about, who you are, and who you are becoming, then help you tell that story in a way that powerfully and personally connects to your audience. Whether you are promoting your brand, fighting for a cause, recruiting new team members, attracting visitors to your town, or creating a fan-base to fuel your passion-project, we will help cultivate life-long relationships with your audience. 

We craft connection.

People want to be a part of something unique. We all crave connection. At Voortex Productions we believe that,  if told in an authentic and emotional light, people will gravitate to you and your story. We will help create long-term relationships with the people that matter most to you and your goals. While honing the art of cinematography as a visual medium and creating a synergy between film and music we will help you build a community of people who want to invest in your unique vision, your brand, your organization, or your art.

We spur collaboration.

We want to work closely with you to unearth your story and craft your message. We will travel wherever the story leads us, work with the budget available, even help you find resources to feed your project. 

We are connected

to a network of writers, musicians, designers, social media gurus, marketing experts and other creative geniuses. We promote collaboration within our network to create and launch your story into the world and make it easily accessible to your audience. 

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Why do I need unique, quality video content? 

β€œThe new era demands a focus on ignition, not just content, on trust, not just traffic, and on the elite people in your audience who are spreading and advocating your content.” Mark Schaefer, the Executive Director of Schaefer Marketing Solutions

"Story is 'a thing that does' rather than 'a thing that is'." -Brian Boyd, On the Origin of Stories: Evolution, Cognition, and Fiction.

Video is king of the social media world.

The majority of information transmitted to our brain is visual. People lives are increasingly busy and attention spans are shrinking. An emotive and entertaining video will grab interest and encourage interaction much quicker and efficiently than simple text and photos. Simply put, you are more likely to have your story heard with a quality video. And people are much more likely to share that story if it incites emotion rather than just relaying facts. The kind of search engines, Google, is 53 times more likely to list your website at the top of a search if you embed video into your content.

Branding clarity.

The world wants to know why they should care about your story. Show them your values, create something they can connect with, and you will build relationships that will last a life-time. 

Tourism recruitment tool.

As the United States grows and changes many small towns have lost their main source of income and now rely heavily on tourism to generate income. We can help attract the visitors you need to sustain your home town. 

Business/Employee recruitment tool.

There is no better way to inform a potential employee of the company culture than by showing them what it is like. If a picture speaks a thousand words a video speaks a million and one. 

Story telling.