We Craft Stories:

Cinematic storytelling plays an integral role in the business world today - our society is fast-paced and media-driven, demanding attention from every platform. We focus on creating timeless, emotionally engaging content that is an insightful reprieve for our clients’ audience.

Dealerships have stories to tell that influence culture and values. Cascade Auto Center has had a big impact on the Wenatchee Valley and has played part in setting the high standard of quality of life. 

Washington Tractor campaign 

"Voortex Productions, keep an eye on them, they are going places! Thank you Charley and the team for all that you do! You are true artists and creatives! You are truly making the world a better place, serving a purpose! We could not be happier with the work you are doing. Thank you!"


Marketing Director, Washington Tractor

Branding Video

30 Second Commercials

Bio Vignettes

Product Walk Arounds

Misc. Projects

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Concept Campaign for

Town Toyota

Emotive Commercial Concept for toyota RAV 4

The Cascade Loop is an on going client that has a large reach throughout NCW and beyond. Our Subaru Outback has been a valuable component to bringing these productions together.   

"Charley has many gifts, but one that really stands out is his ability to put words to images that evoke emotion and a sincere connection to the story being shared. People loved it, shared it, and still talk about it."

- Shiloh Schauer

Executive Director, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

"Someone got us. And told us who we are in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves, and we can hardly wait to see what Charley thinks we should do next."

- Jerri Barkley

Marketing Director, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce



Sample package Costs

Full Campaign

  • Emotive Branding Video

  • 4 Auto Commercials

  • 4 Bio Vignettes

  • 10 Product Walk Arounds

*includes 25% campaign discount

Small Campaign 

  • 2 Auto Commercials

  • 2 Bio Vignettes

  • 5 Product Walk Arounds

*includes 10% campaign discount

We live it, We love it.