So you want to make a video? Here’s how we go about the process.


Find The “Why”

First we listen, then we ask, then we listen more.

We want to learn about what you do, how you do it and why you do it.  Through this dialogue we will land on the essence of your story, get a feel for who your audience is, and discover how to engage them with authentic emotive storytelling.  


Strategy + Proposal

There are many ways to make a video and many details to consider when putting together the logistics - from pre-production through deployment. We will help guide the process by coming up with the most effective strategy to creatively tell your story, and build a production plan that fits the narrative, the timeline and your budget.



We custom bid each project based on your needs. Many projects can be scaled to fit a variety of budgets and objectives. If you’re not sure of your budget, we can provide a low/mid/high option bid with an overview of the differences in scope. 


Now it’s time to start making your film!


Each stage of the project falls under the categories of Pre-Production, Production and Post-Production. The production phase is often accomplished in the shortest period of time but carries the most weight and is often the most expensive phase.



  • Form the narrative arc and develop script
  • Select and establish characters
  • Scout locations
  • Build shot lists
  • Secure appropriate permits (if applicable)
  • Select music
  • Coordinate schedules and locations




This is the shortest, most expensive, and most highly-weighted stage. We will follow a tight production schedule to make best use of our time, getting you the most footage possible. We start early and stay late to get the shot, and prefer, whenever possible, to have someone on your team present during shooting.


Post Production

We will review, log and back up all content and then go to work turning each scene into a cohesive story. We will then:

  • Provide download link
  • Complete revisions
  • Present you with the finished product(s)