Be Cleary+Voortex Gateway FilmsTM


A Bold Introduction. It creates a necessary and dramatic introduction to ideas. If a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is dynamically more powerful than text or graphics in conveying important ideas, concepts and relationships.

A Concise Package of Ideas. A gateway video is concise. It creates the ability to share a well developed narrative about the identity of the initiative, the challenge it seeks to battle and how those involved must choose to prevail, all in a relatively short amount of time.

A Portable Container of Good Stuff. Because the gateway video is a digital medium, it can be accessed readily by cloud streaming, downloads to portable devices and shared readily and instantly across social networks. This is the fastest way possible to create dynamic access to your story.

A Personal Connection. The art of engaging and connecting people to what they care about what we call, "Peoplecraft". A gateway video is a "Peoplecraft" tool. Every story is told using this craft to ensure that it will create a personal connection with the initiative.

A Call to Action. Ultimately, the goal of every Strategic Engagement initiative is to bring people together for good, united by a proud sense of identity so that they may create a compelling vision, find new ways to collaborate, and continually innovate through action. A gateway video initiates the call in a vivid and compelling way. 

Estes Park School District


Chelan County PUD


Wenatchee Learns