-We Believe in the power of telling stories-


Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce 

"Charley has many gifts, but one that really stands out is his ability to put words to images that evoke emotion and a sincere connection to the story being shared. People loved it, shared it, and still talk about it."

- Shiloh Schauer 

Executive Director, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

"Someone got us. And told us who we are in a way that makes us feel good about ourselves, and we can hardly wait to see what Charley thinks we should do next."

- Jerri Barkley

Marketing Director, Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce

Washington Tractor

"Voortex Productions, keep an eye on them, they are going places!  Thanks to Charley, Jeremiah, Greg, and Jennifer for all that you do!  You are true artists and creatives!  You are truly making the world a better place, serving a purpose!  We could not be happier with the work you are doing.  Thank you!"

- Tyler Musson

Marketing Director, Washington Tractor

The Cascade Loop Scenic Byway - WAshington

"Working with the Voortex team has been the most rewarding marketing project I've taken on. The team not only knows cinematography, they know how to listen, watch and carve out stories that reflect their clients' needs. It also helps that they are simply really fun, cool folks to work with--I highly recommend them and look forward to working with them again soon!"

- Annette Pitts

Executive Director, Cascade Loop Scenic Highway

Goodfellow Bros. Inc. - Wa, ID, Or, Ca, Ak and HI

I saw our CEO drop a tear for the first time after seeing what Charley and his crew made for us.  


Board Member, Goodfellow Bros. Inc.

Estes Thrives | Estes Park Schools, COlorado


The video Voortex produced for us played in integral part in the dynamaic shifts we're making in the education system in Estes Park.

- Sheldon Rosenkrance

Superintendent, Estes Park Schools 

Wellmann Motorcycles, Chasing Excellence

"From the moment that Charley and I started working together I felt that there was a bond between us that created a mutual respect society and it has grown over the years that I’ve worked with him to a place where I trust his instincts completely. The products that we have put together have been first rate in every regard, and I hope for a very long and prosperous relationship with he and his wonderful group."

- Steve Wellman

President, Wellmann Motorcycles

Chelan County Public Utility District

"Charley and his team managed to use creativity, artistry, and emotion to truly convey the message that we were trying to get across…it is award winning stuff. The investment on this production was very small compared to the value and benefit that we received."

 - George Velazquez

Project Manager, Chelan County PUD


"Every single shot is a work of art in its own right, an opportunity to both inform and connect at an emotional level. Voortex Productions is truly a team of collaborators."

- Colin Brine

President, Be Clearly Consultancy

City of Gig Harbor, WA

"We have been overwhelmed with positive feedback regarding our production and are absolutely thrilled with the final product."

- Karen Scott

Director of Tourism & Communications, City of Gig Harbor

Beth Whitney Music

"Once again you knocked it out of the park, Charley. "

- Beth Whitney

Final Video Coming Soon

Final Video Coming Soon