Prospective | Moving Forward... 2013 Reel

In June 2013 I resigned my teaching position at Wenatchee Valley Tech to pursue running Voortex Productions full time. It was a move I had dreamt about making for a long time, it just took time to muster up the courage to follow through with my decision. It’s been six months, so of course I’m still just getting started, but I haven’t looked back. I’ve enjoyed the process of turning what was previously my part time, freelance operation into a team of five crew members in a three room office.

This coming stage of developing the company into a sustainable machine is in forward motion. We’re focusing our efforts on building a company that evolves quickly along side our clients and strives to achieve ambitiously high goals. At the end of 2012 we titled our demo reel “Retrospective” in appreciation for how far we’ve come and the strong relationships we’d built along the way. Now at the end of 2013 we’re looking forward. We’ve titled our ’13 reel “Prospective”. We hold our current relationships on high while seeking to build more. We’ve lofted our goals while moving steadily forward and we’re striving to do better productions while staying true to our core values.

So please join us this year as we create all new, exciting video content in 2014!