Caffe Mela Day in the Life - 13 hour 1 take

Caffe Mela Day in the Life - 13 Hour 1 Take AND Behind the Scenes from Voortex Productions on Vimeo.


The Mela 1 take was a project I wanted to try for a long time, and I'll say at this point it's been the most fun headache I've ever had.  I don't think you could ever really plan enough for a project like this and at some point we just had to say, "Okay, lets shoot it"
It was a first for everybody involved, which made it exciting and after doing this I hope to explore other ways of combining mediums of storytelling. 
We knew early on that we wanted to use Lemolo's music, but which song?  We conceptualized a few different ones and they all worked really well in their own way, but "Letters" stood out beyond the rest... It had the variety that would allow us to synchronize video, time-lapse and hyper lapse with the verses and chorus in a relational way.  So we took a vote, and Letters it is! I had gotten a chance to film their enchanting music once before.  After that first show I downloaded their album and broke my phone, car stereo and all my pairs of headphones from over listening.  Well, none of that is true, but I did listen a lot and repeatedly got more and more inspired for this project.  
I think with a project of this size and conceptual complexity, theres always going to be things you'd perhaps expand on or perfect, but in hindsight, for me, this video represents more of the raw nature of our community and the collaborative efforts we share. We're in and out of each others lives so quickly, yet still so frequently.  I guess if this video captures some of that, it's successful enough for me.