I'm breaking up with Final Cut Pro...

Well my dear Final Cut Pro, we've had a great 12 years together, but it's time we go our separate ways.  I wish you luck in the future and I really hope that you seek some professional help to look at your brain.  I feel that I've gotten to know you well enough over the years to be able to tell when something is wrong… The changes you've made to your personality has been surprising to say the least… I'm just glad you have a whole new group of friends and I know they will continue to download you and share the file with all their friends for years to come… Though, at some point, you may want to consider evaluating your self worth.  Easy and accessible will only get you so far before it begins to turn on you and degrade your value.  I'd hope that you'd wish me success with my new partner… Adobe and I have began seeing each other on a regular basis and it's been a lot of fun discovering our new relationship.  But don't worry, the Twixtor plugin that I bought is for Final Cut Pro 7 only… So I'll still call you up when I need something to be super slow mo.  
With love, 
Charley Voorhis