Primordial - Yellowstone / Grand Tetons

Primordial was shot with my trusty 5DmkII, 7D's and my family of Tamron Lenses… While on my way to teach a workshop at The Black Hills Photo Shootout in South Dakota for Outdoor Photo Workshops, I took an extra 8 days to stop in Yellowstone and the Grand Tetons. I had always wanted to visit Yellowstone, but in my countless trips to South Dakota I had never dropped south of I-90 for the Yellowstone experience. To be honest, I think I was nervous. Partly because of the mystifying nature of the landscape but also I felt that once I visited I would never want to leave, or that perhaps it wouldn't meet my expectations. I visited Yellowstone alone and I think for my first time, that was the way to go… Though, I was nervous, I made a point to be an opportunist and go out of my way to experience the true nature of the land to the best of my availability's. For the 3 days I was in Yellowstone, I spent most of my time trying to dry off after countless storms would roll in and swallow the caldera then roll out and give me sunshine with dark clouds looming on the horizon. I've never been afraid of lightning until this trip. Those three days introduced me to the power of Yellowstone's nature, though that was just a small taste. I would ambitiously hike out to a vantage to try and film a lightning strike until on the second day a massive bolt stuck the ground 75 yards in front of me. I had never heard anything so loud and the shape of the bolt burned into my retinas for 3 or 4 seconds. I felt a slight wave of heat radiate past me and I thought, "Ok, I'm done!" I was then officially afraid of lightning and I did my best to keep my distance. After Leaving Yellowstone I went down to the Grand Tetons (just south of Yellowstone) to meet my brother and his friend, Peter. They are both very experienced nature and wildlife photographers while I consider myself a "green horn" if you will. It was interesting to just listen to them as they worked out their strategies behind capturing wildlife. I especially enjoyed their wildlife close encounter stories from over the years. A spark to film the natural world was lit in me over the course of this trip. Though I'm happy with the video, it really just scratches the surface of how the trip really felt. Stay tuned and I hope to have a lot more nature to share. -Charley Voorhis