dis·rupt \ dis-ˈrəpt \

1: to break apart : rupture

2: to interrupt the normal course or unity of


We’re in an era of unprecedented change.  How do we approach the technology of the future? Journey with us as we examine the human psyche and how people are approaching the twists, turns and shifts of life. New technologies such as blockchains can innovate and transform industries as we know it, leading to a change in the way we perceive value. In this film, we will explore the reasons people resist technological advances and why some believe it will be a tool to lead us into a new consciousness.

Through interviews with representatives of the old world and the new world,  we will study disruption in a small town, in a company, in a nation, in a family, in a farm. We’ll start by looking at two drastically different locations:



1. Wenatchee, WA. Apple Capital, and Bitcoin Mining capital of the world. What are the locals thinking about, talking about. How does this new technology relate to them? 
Don’t mess with my power rates. Don’t mess with my views. Don’t mess with my neighbors. [sic] I don’t want my way of living to change.


2. Black Rock City Desert.  Home of annual Burning Man Festival. What are participants thinking about, talking about, how does this new technology relate to this sub-culture?
Our old economic structure is failing us. Our centralized culture is dividing us. Time for a radical change. This tool brings a sea of possibilities to help new consciousness to emerge.


Along the way we meet a variety of thought leaders; an economist, a skeptic, a rural farm worker, a municipal commissioner, a psychologist, a tech crusader, a futurist. We will examine the good, the bad and the hopeful of the technological era we are entering and learn about innovations beyond our wildest imagination.

We will ask questions about how blockchain technology might disrupt industries like journalism, distribution of goods, lending, real estate, healthcare, casinos, utilities, voting.  Farther off are almost sci-fi sounding applications for things like smart cars and inhabiting mars! This is NOT a “techy” film. In quintessential Voortex style, we will showcase some of these ideas in a simple, beautiful and inspiring way.

Disrupt, the movie will present a variety of opinions and perspectives, aimed to engage and inspire, leaving the audience with a feeling of hope and the spark to discover more.


inform simply ~ inspire humbly ~ spark self discovery



  • Alicia McKee. Executive Producer, Director, Writer
  • Tyler Musson. Executive Producer, Marketing Manager
  • Charley Voorhis. Director of Photography
  • Jeremiah Higgins. Cinematographer, Technical Director
  • Chad Yenney. Audio Technician, Editor
  • Greg Mares. International Correspondent, Cinematographer
  • Erin Nash. Cinematographer, Editor
  • Amelia Yokel. Line Producer, Advisor
  • Taylor Greene. Project Coordinator
  • Joy Juelson. Correspondent, Advisor

    Currently in production

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    Coming Summer, 2019