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Voortex Productions is a digital cinema production company working in Washington State and beyond. We gravitate towards emotive storytelling, while honing the art of cinematography as a visual medium and creating a synergy between film and music.

We take pride in keeping things simple, elegant, and authentic. We believe that some things are better left untold and merely shown. Behind every client and every story is a unique vision. We work collaboratively to accomplish your goals, honor core values, and create timeless content that will captivate your audience.

In 2004, owner Charley Voorhis founded Voortex Productions with the intention to explore the connection between film and music and its ability to evoke emotion. Today, with the same intentions and motivation, we focus on visual storytelling and cinematic branding.

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We Are Driven By Stories

We are driven by stories. Their significance, their development, their ability to unearth emotion, and spark discovery.
Since the beginning of time, humanity has lusted for stories and used them to teach, inspire, connect, and remember.
Our first step is to find the true origin of a story in order to share it from the inside out.
What are its roots? What is driving it forward? What makes it unique?
Light, angle, motion, and creative vision guide us in our journey. 
By collecting remnants of history, snippets of unique identity, we sculpt an honest narrative that engages your audience
and brings clarity to your brand. Because every person, every company, every community, has a story worth sharing.
A story that spurs emotion. A story that connects. A story that matters.
We live passionately, dig deep, and create beautiful, timeless expressions.
We believe in the power of telling stories.
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A Day in the Life


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Voortex Journeys: Traveling photo/video workshops

Voortex Live: Cinematic live concerts



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