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We Are Driven By Stories


About Us

Voortex Productions is a digital cinema production company working in Washington State and beyond. We gravitate towards emotive storytelling, while honing the art of cinematography as a visual medium and creating a synergy between film and music. Our focus is on visual storytelling and branding. 

We tell stories.  

Everyone has a story to tell. Let’s discover yours. We want to know the core of who you are, what you are becoming, and what you care about. Whether you are promoting your brand, fighting for a cause, recruiting new team members, attracting visitors to your town, or creating a fan-base to fuel your passion-project, we will help tell your story in a way that powerfully and personally connects to your audience.

We craft connection. 

People want to be a part of something unique. We all crave connection. At Voortex Productions we believe that people will gravitate to you and your story when it is told in an authentic and emotional way.

We collaboratE. 

We want to work closely with you to unearth your story and craft your message. We will travel wherever the story leads us, work with the budget available, and help you find the resources you need to pursue your project. 

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Our Clients